Limited Company Investments

If you have money in your limited company business bank account, which is not earning any interest, have you thought about investing those funds?

If your money isn’t earning interest, then taking inflation into account, in the future you could actually have less money, because cash will lose its purchasing power.

There are two ways you can invest though your limited company, via a holding company which owns your trading company and receives the cash surplus as dividends, or using a separate company which receives the money as a loan from the trading company.

It is an area of financial planning that requires strategising to decide the best structure as well as where to your funds and how to maximise tax savings.

Dental & Medical Financial Services offer:

  • Advice and planning on how to structure investments using a limited company
  • Tax planning to ensure minimal tax implications
  • Access to our Wealth Platform for visibility to your investments
  • Ongoing administration of your investment portfolio



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