Business Financial Protection

Are you prepared for if a key person in your practice is unable to work due to an unexpected critical illness diagnosis, or even worse – a death that would have a significant impact on the running of your business?

In a similar way to protecting your personal wealth and income, it is important to protect your business too in the event of a “catastrophe”.

Business protection is a range of insurance policies that can be taken out to protect partnerships, shareholders, sole traders and key employees. Policies can be customised your to the unique requirements of your business and you can also set up a business protection insurance policy to insure more than one life.

Dental & Medical Financial Services offer:

  • Advice around which type of insurance policy would suit your circumstances; key person insurance, business loan insurance, shareholder protection insurance and/or relevant life insurance.
  • Administration to set up any policies.
  • Access to our Client Wealth Platform to keep track of your insurances.
  • Assistance in the event you would need to make a claim.




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