Tax Planning

Are you being tax-efficient? With our knowledge of tax-efficient products, we make saving tax a key focus in our financial planning.

At Dental & Medical Financial Services, we focus on your tax affairs as part of the financial services and solutions we provide to medical and dental professionals.

Clients feel reassured that we have not only considered building and protecting their wealth, but also taken into account the impact our advice has on their overall tax position.

Whether you have complex tax affairs or have specific tax-related goals, we strive to recommend financial products that fit with your strategy.

Dental & Medical Financial Services aim to assist with:

  • Potentially minimise Inheritance tax through careful estate planning.
  • Discussing tax-efficient financial products as part of your overall financial plan.
  • Offering tax-efficient options to protect your wealth and income, in certain circumstances.
  • Understanding the income structure of medical and dental professionals in detail, to assist with mortgage applications.





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