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Case Study - Dr Neil Haughton

Darren has been my IFA for 25 years, advising on all manner of financial planning issues, however, in one particular area, Darren’s advice has proved invaluable. If it wasn’t for his enthusiasm in extolling the merits of covering my health in the event of serious illness, I don’t imagine I would ever have prioritised this insurance you never feel you would actually ever claim.

Over the years, Darren has periodically and diligently reviewed my insurance requirements, replacing or topping up my cover as my circumstances have changed and taking advantage of the latest products to suit my occupation as a medical practitioner; the last substantive review in 2016 resulted in an overhaul to reflect my personal and business financial requirements and his recommendation took advantage of the very latest insurance coverage.

Darren’s diligence when it comes to prioritising my personal and business financial protection really has paid off, as in January 2020 changes to my health meant that I had to make a claim against my critical illness cover.

We will all make adjustments to our lives following any serious health issues, but with the benefit of financial protection, my financial future is now more secure and the flexibility this affords me is hugely reassuring.

The services of an excellent and experienced IFA cannot be overstated and I convey my sincere thanks to Darren for his continued professional advice.

I would certainly recommend Darren to my peers; he is highly competent and very focused, particularly on matters of health and financial wellbeing.

Darren’s response to Dr Haughton

Neil has been a highly valued client of my firm for many years; no IFA ever likes to take a call from a client regarding their health, but knowing that we had provided Neil with a "belt and braces" approach to financial protection planning, I take great pride from being able to reassure clients at that moment, that at least from a financial perspective, the prospects are greatly improved, and this allowed Neil to focus on the most important issue, that of his health and wellbeing.

Preparation is a key attribute when taking out financial protection cover, advisers cannot predict the future, but we can help clients form a contingency plan to cover all bases should one die or become unable to work for a while.

The result of needing to make a claim can be devastating, both emotionally and financially – for clients and their loved ones. The problem is that you never really know whether the cover you have is enough for what you need it for, until after you have to make a claim.

This is one of the main reasons why it is vital to regularly sit down with an independent financial adviser - we can help to review your financial assets to ascertain what cover you need, be it one of the three key tenets (life insurance, income protection and critical illness) or a combination; no financial strategy is fully comprehensive without a contingency plan for when things go catastrophically wrong.

Dr T Wright talks about how critical illness insurance paid off their mortgage when they needed it most

Seriously consider protection insurances

My wife and I moved into our new home in May 2013. Darren's team at Dental & Medical Financial Services arranged the mortgage and, at the same time, Darren advised us to also protect our new asset through recommended insurances, life insurance for doctors and decreasing term critical illness insurance.

Darren explained that in the event of one of our death or being diagnosed with a critical illness we would be able to claim on the insurance to ensure that our financial commitments are met and we wouldn't lose our property. We have a young baby so financial security is of high priority.

At the time, Darren visited us at our home to discuss our personal circumstances and find out what was important to us. His advice has always been excellent; clear, concise and using language that we can understand. Any questions we have, he answers without making us feel intimidated and his knowledge of financial products, as well as the financial requirements of doctors, is extensive.

We followed his advice to take out life cover and critical illness insurance as well as income protection for doctors. The income protection insurance was put in place to provide us with an income in the event that one or both of us were unable to continue earning an income from our work as doctors.

Naturally, one hopes to never have to use these insurances but unfortunately in December 2014 my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Since December, we have been working with Darren and Angela to claim on the critical illness insurance that will help us remain financially secure, by paying off our mortgage in full. With the loss of my wife's income, this claim reassures us that we can continue living in our home without the pressure of meeting payments.

In addition, my wife will finish work in the coming months and the income protection insurance will be used to provide a regular monthly amount to support our other financial commitments as a family and help us in ensuring our lifestyle is not compromised.

It's been a difficult personal time for us and Darren and his team have been fantastic – compassionate, helpful, quick to respond to emails and phone calls and always doing their upmost to ensure we are supported through the process.

Darren makes himself available after hours, often calling me at 9pm when I finish in surgery, to suit my schedule. We couldn't ask for more in terms of the service from Darren, Angela and the team at Dental & Medical Financial Services.

Most importantly though, we are so thankful to have had this insurance policy in place as you never know what is around the corner. Darren's expert advice I trust wholeheartedly and subsequently would recommend him to anyone.

Dr AG talks about how critical illness insurance paid off his mortgage when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness

When we moved to London in 2004, Darren's team at Dental & Medical Financial Services (then Medics Financial Services) were instrumental in helping us to get a Mortgage on our property.

At the same time it was suggested to us to take various insurances on the loan to protect ourselves in the event for whatever reason we couldn't meet the payments in future years.

As it turned out, I developed a life threatening illness last year, that was termed, a TERMINAL ILLNESS called Cardiac Amyloidosis. As a result, I claimed from the Critical Illness Insurance cover that paid out just under £130,000, which, together with some savings allowed me to pay off the Mortgage completely.

Subsequently, we now live mortgage free.

So far the treatment I have had, chemotherapy, has helped to improve my condition for the time being. I may still have to have further treatment to keep alive, but at least I know that my wife will not have any difficulty keeping a roof over her head.

I am writing to say thank you for your good advice 11 years ago, as this has reduced my worries about our home being taken away if I could not afford to pay off the mortgage.

Dr A.G

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