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News Update: People are Seeing the Appeal of Cities Again

As a direct result of the pandemic, many people sought bigger homes or properties with outdoor space and ventured outside of the cities to do so. But recently, there’s been interest in a return to the city, with flats moving up the priority list for prospective buyers.

How to Avoid First-Time Home Buying Mistakes

Navigating the home buying process as a first-time buyer can be daunting. There are so many costly mistakes you could make and many go into it without support from anyone with the knowledge and experience for the process. But many of the most common first-time buyer mistakes can be avoided if you are aware of […]

Over 55s Staying Put

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world operates, and the effects may linger for years to come. The preferences of homebuyers are one of those things that shifted and an increased number of over 55s are holding on to their homes and foregoing plans to move or downsize – so what does that […]

News Update: Mortgage Prices on the Rise

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that rock bottom mortgage rates won’t be staying that way for long. Experts have been warned about this for a while, but the fact was really hammered home this week.

Property Investment Strategies

Property is just one part of a diversified investment portfolio, but it’s an incredibly popular investment option. Property investment actually offers two ways of making money: through rental yields and capital growth, making it a great way to earn money both in the short and long term – what are the strategies?

Equity Release to Combat Pension Shortfalls

Even though it’s never a good idea to count on your property as the sole means of providing income for your retirement, there are a few different ways – such as equity release – that you can tap into so your home can provide additional money if your primary savings and investment methods fall short.

Is a Fixed-Rate Mortgage Right for You?

Obtaining a mortgage is a huge financial undertaking, so you’ll want to explore all the options available to you before locking in your deal. You will need to choose what kind of mortgage you’re looking for – a fixed-rate or a variable rate. If you need your rate to be locked in for a fixed […]

News Update: Shifting Priorities Causes Surge in House Prices

Lockdown restrictions meant we’ve spent much more time at home over the last year or so, and the UK’s priorities for what we want in a home have shifted. Housing market experts expect the trend of homebuyers seeking bigger and greener spaces will last well into 2022, which is increasing prices.

News Update: Landlords Selling Their Buy to Let Properties in Droves

It has been made increasingly difficult for landlords to earn a profit over the last few years. Many have been considering alternatives like holiday lets and even getting out of the property game altogether. Could rental properties be few and far between over the next few years?

Pension vs Property – What’s the Best Way to Save for Retirement?

Historically, property has always been a great investment. One that people often count on as part of a long-term retirement plan. However, it’s important that it’s not the only element in your plan and that you’re not investing in property at the expense of contributing to a pension.

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