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Pension Facts For a Happy and Wealthy Retirement

What your ideal retirement looks like will be different from anyone else’s. You might want to live a more lavish lifestyle or perhaps you want to scale back and not indulge in too many luxuries. Whatever the end goal looks like, planning ahead is the only way to ensure you get the kind of retirement […]

Is Your Pension Safe?

Are you worried that your pension won’t be there for you in full when it comes to retirement? It’s not completely unfounded, as company directors have previously taken advantage of their employees’ pensions. But since the introduction of The Pensions Regulator (PTR) in 2005 there has been legislation introduced to curb any wrongdoing and ensure […]

What Can You Do With Your Pension?

If you think all your tough financial decisions are behind you when you reached retirement, think again. After saving and investing for decades, you’ll want to make sure you make the right choices when it comes to how you take an income when you retire. There are a variety of options, all with their own […]

Tax Threats to Your Pension

Tax breaks on pension savings are meant to incentivise people to save throughout their lifetime so they aren’t dependent on the state during retirement. Unfortunately, with the economy in need of recovery after the coronavirus outbreak, tax relief has come under fire.

Pension Tax Relief – Do You Know Your Allowances?

To encourage people to save for retirement, the government will pay tax relief on your pension contributions. Which means that your pension provider can claim tax back from HMRC and then add that amount to every contribution you make.

Ways to Reduce Your IHT Bill

Even if you don’t think you have a sizable amount of wealth worthy of passing down, chances are you might still be liable for Inheritance Tax (IHT). This is payable on death, or it can sometimes be charged when certain assets are given away while you’re still alive. Here are a few ways to help […]

News Update: Will You be Affected by Government Tax Plans?

In order to fund COVID-19 recovery efforts, the government has set its eyes on pensions, putting savers at a disadvantage. Current plans mean pensioners should avoid the worst of the raid, but workers will bear the brunt with three different reform plans being discussed.

Pension vs Property – What’s the Best Way to Save for Retirement?

Historically, property has always been a great investment. One that people often count on as part of a long-term retirement plan. However, it’s important that it’s not the only element in your plan and that you’re not investing in property at the expense of contributing to a pension.

Should You Give Up Work and Draw Your Pension?

For most people, they count down the days to their retirement. But others, for whatever reason, are deciding to continue working and put off dipping into their retirement savings. What’s brought about this change and should you follow the trend?

Get Ready for Highest Pension Rise in a Decade

The state pension increases each year – keeping the rate consistent with inflation, average earnings growth, or 2.5%, whichever is the highest. With wages set to rise by 4.6%, we could have the highest increase in a decade soon.

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