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Is buying a leasehold property a trap?

Leasehold property ownership in the UK has doubled in the past decade, and in London 9 out of 10 homes are in fact leasehold. Property owners have been getting greedy though with escalating ground rents and service charges that leave the home owner fighting rising costs and in some cases their home becomes unsalable due […]

Calculate Your Disposable Income

If you are considering buying a house, either on your own or with a partner or friend, it is essential to spend some time in advance working through your finances to see exactly how much you can afford. Not only it is vital for your own peace of mind, ensuring you won’t be left completely […]

FRIDAY FEATURE: Low Rates Are Important. But So Are Low Fees.

Topical Mortgage News and Rates This month, Independent Mortgage Adviser, Chris, discusses how you should be looking to get the best of both worlds; low rates are important when selecting a mortgage but so are low fees. Read more, including this month’s BEST RATES, here.

FRIDAY FEATURE: How to get a Mortgage when you are Self-Employed Doctor or Dentist

Topical Mortgage News and Rates This month, Independent Mortgage Adviser, Chris, discusses how to get mortgage success when you are Self-Employed; a topical issue for many doctors and dentists. Read more, including this month’s BEST RATES, here.

Are you Looking for your Dream Home?

Lean on a Broker for Support These days there are plenty of online comparison websites to research mortgage options. Many have calculators that give an indication of the size mortgage you could afford given your income. However, a mortgage broker has access to deals that may not be available online, or indeed through your bank.

Buy to Let – Why you Could Need a 60 Percent Deposit

To access the best mortgage rates Due to tax changes next year relating to buy-to-let property, banks and lenders are being encouraged to stress-test their applicants more rigorously against new guidelines. These guidelines are expected to be enforced in due course and could result in higher deposit requirements for landlords.

Is the grass greener for landlords

If property prices fall due to Brexit? Property investors have taken a further hit with several lenders making it more difficult to obtain finance for buy-to-let. This comes after a series of bad news including Stamp Duty rises and tax relief cuts on mortgage interest. However, if property prices fall faster than rent, could this […]

How important is a good credit rating

When applying for a mortgage? If you are applying for your first mortgage, it is likely you have heard people talking about your credit rating, and how this will play a part in if you can obtain a mortgage. Similarly, for remortgages, your credit score, at the time of application, will be factored in. How important […]

PRODUCT NEWS: Lender to refund £27.5 million

To landlords who were overcharged A major mortgage lender is to refund over £27 million to landlords that were overcharged on their buy-to-let mortgage, due to an incorrect rate increase. It is estimated that 6,500 landlords are now due a refund, an average £400 each, for the error. Are you due a refund?

Seven-day switch for mortgages

Is this realistic? The government are considering ways to make switching your mortgage as easy as switching your bank account. Whilst most are quicker, some mortgages can take up to three months to transfer to a new provider, leading to government officials believing consumers are missing out on saving money. Would this be a good […]

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