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Porting your Mortgage – How it Works

Porting your mortgage means taking your current mortgage deal with you to a different property. Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing, the idea is to keep the same lender, interest rate, loan amount and terms and conditions.

TAX TIP TUESDAY: IR35 Update for Locums

Our 5-minute read – Tax Tips – for UK doctors and dentists will help you save tax, get organised with your tax affairs and make sure you meet important deadlines with ease.

Further Flexibility For NHS Pension Holders Announced By Government

Only a few short weeks ago, the Department of Health and Social Care released a consultation document with their proposed changes to the NHS Pension Scheme. This has already become old news when a few days ago the Government announced a new consultation which promises even greater flexibility.

From NHS To Private Practice – What Steps Should You Take?

Working within the NHS system comes with a whole host of benefits. But many dental and medical professionals find the lure of private practice just too strong to ignore. What steps should you take if you’re interested in making the leap?

FRIDAY FEATURE: How Accessible Is Your Medical Practice?

Whilst technology is always advancing, patients still find difficulties in something as simple as booking an appointment to see a doctor. Indeed, the most common complaint from patients is that they can’t get through on the phone line. Also, when they do get through, the level of customer service fails to meet their expectation. What […]

FRIDAY FEATURE: How to get a Mortgage when you are Self-Employed Doctor or Dentist

Topical Mortgage News and Rates This month, Independent Mortgage Adviser, Chris, discusses how to get mortgage success when you are Self-Employed; a topical issue for many doctors and dentists. Read more, including this month’s BEST RATES, here.

FRIDAY FEATURE: The Dark Side of Growing your Private Medical Practice

It need not be that way though As a medical professional with a private practice, be it full time or part time, like many others we speak with, you may feel in the dark about your next steps. If you want to grow your patient numbers and subsequent revenue, you may be wondering how to […]

TAX TIP TUESDAY – Utilise Company Losses Against Other Trading Profits to Save Tax

It’s Tuesday! The perfect day to talk Tax. Read this week’s short Tax snippet for doctors, dentists & landlords, to help you save money and get more organised with your tax affairs. It’s just to give you a flavour – in fact, you can read it whilst you drink your morning coffee!

Locum Insurance: The Show Must Go On!

Why it’s the Sensible Option Locum insurance is, of course, optional. However, when you start to look at the consequences of not having the correct cover, it starts to become apparent that it really is the sensible solution. That is, if you want your business to continue operating as normal in the event of unplanned absences, […]

TAX TIP TUESDAY – Utilise your Annual Investment Allowance

It’s Tuesday! The perfect day to talk Tax. Read this week’s short Tax snippet for doctors and dentists, to help you save money and get more organised with your tax affairs. It’s just to give you a flavour – in fact, you can read it whilst the kettle boils for your morning coffee!

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