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FRIDAY FEATURE: The Dark Side of Growing your Private Medical Practice

It need not be that way though As a medical professional with a private practice, be it full time or part time, like many others we speak with, you may feel in the dark about your next steps. If you want to grow your patient numbers and subsequent revenue, you may be wondering how to […]

Are you Looking for your Dream Home?

Lean on a Broker for Support These days there are plenty of online comparison websites to research mortgage options. Many have calculators that give an indication of the size mortgage you could afford given your income. However, a mortgage broker has access to deals that may not be available online, or indeed through your bank.

One way you can Retire Earlier and be Better-off

Build wealth not commodities It is not uncommon for doctors and dentists to drive top of the range cars, take their family on luxury holidays and enjoy splashing most of their surplus income. What if you were to cut back on your spending by just £200 per month and channel that into building wealth for […]

11 Finance and Tax Tips for Junior Doctors

When starting your career So, you have finally finished your studies and are now embarking on the first step of your medical career. How does it feel? Exciting? Overwhelming? Different? Now you are starting to earn money, the key will be to managing it. Here we provide 11 tips to help you with your finances […]

4 ways to feel more Confident about Investing

Tackle Anxiety & Risk Aversion Investing can cause twice as much anxiety on an emotional level than the sense of benefit from making money. This is how risk aversion works & the idea you could be wrong is often paralysing. Learn tricks to overcome investment anxiety, because doing nothing with your money is even more costly, […]

More cheap mortgages to follow

When is best to act? The super rock-bottom mortgage prices of the past few years just keep on going lower. What’s more, it looks set to continue. Those people looking for a mortgage now are considered better off compared to those arranging mortgages just six months ago. So when now is the best time to […]

Mortgages for doctors – get the best deal

By using a specialist There is now a wide choice of mortgage lenders offering an even wider selection of mortgage options. Choosing the best product can be difficult though, especially if you are short on time to research. A specialist adviser can help you decide, and specialist lenders often have better rate options for doctors.

7 financial tips for starting a family

Planning for change Starting a family inevitably means changes to your finances. With more mouths to feed and new priorities, it is likely your money will need to be distributed differently. Saying this though, it doesn’t have to be a concern and planning ahead helps to ensure you are starting off your family life in […]

PRODUCT NEWS: Santander launch 123 Lite Account

Same benefits. Lower fee. No interest. Santander’s popular 123 Current Account has a new “Lite” version. One key benefit of the 123 accounts is cash-back benefits on household bills, including water, council tax, mobile, broadband and their own mortgage and insurance products. How do they compare?

FEATURED: Chris’s monthly mortgage update – July 16

Latest mortgage news and rates The base rate remained this month at 0.5%, despite speculation it would fall following the EU Referendum. Markets suspect cuts next month though. What impact would this have on your mortgage? Read more, including this month’s BEST RATES, here.

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