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News Update: The Return of SDLT

For months this year, many homebuyers did not have to worry about paying Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). Now that the SDLT holiday has come to an end, how much money will you need to pay when purchasing a property? Stamp duty land tax is due when you purchase a residential property or piece of […]

Over 55s Staying Put

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world operates, and the effects may linger for years to come. The preferences of homebuyers are one of those things that shifted and an increased number of over 55s are holding on to their homes and foregoing plans to move or downsize – so what does that […]

Retirement Planning

If you’re hoping to retire in the next decade or so, there are a few questions to ask yourself now: Will you be able to retire when you want to? Will you run out of money? Will you be able to live the lifestyle you want with the money you’ve managed to save? Even if […]

Getting Covered is Critical

The importance of wealth protection plans became apparent during the coronavirus pandemic. And for good reason – many households felt the need to reassess their financial defences during a time when so many people were falling ill. Getting diagnosed with a serious illness is a difficult thing to deal with, but there are things you […]

News Update: Business Owners Prioritise Financial Health Over Mental Health

Many business owners have struggled through the tough economic circumstances of the last couple of years. Some needed to take advantage of government assistance, make concessions to keep the doors open, or others – including the medical profession – had to work additional hours to keep up with demand. So, it’s not surprising that a […]

Can You Avoid IHT While Helping Your Children Own a Home?

For many people, it’s nearly impossible to get on the property ladder without some kind of assistance. Some are lucky enough to get help from family and loved ones, which could be through supplying a deposit, but sometimes if you have the means, you can gift a home to your children too. If you’re considering […]

Pension Facts For a Happy and Wealthy Retirement

What your ideal retirement looks like will be different from anyone else’s. You might want to live a more lavish lifestyle or perhaps you want to scale back and not indulge in too many luxuries. Whatever the end goal looks like, planning ahead is the only way to ensure you get the kind of retirement […]

News Update: What Net Zero Means for Business

In 2019, the UK passed a law designed to have the country reduce and even end its contribution to global warming – and reach net zero – by 2050. With COP26 billed as the last chance for countries to come together to make change, the UK hopes to put a major dent in its goal, […]

Intro to Ethical Investing

If you want to build your wealth in a way that will also benefit people other than yourself, consider ethical investing. Also known as sustainable investing, this trend has been around for decades but has only recently become mainstream.

Steps to a Better Financial Future

Sometimes, it might feel like retirement is so far off and that there’s nothing you can do besides save, but that’s not true. There is plenty to be done when it comes to your finances to gain some peace of mind for the future. As we near the turn of the new year, there’s never […]

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