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Critical Illness – Why You Really Need Cover that Properly Protects You

Critical illness cover is insurance that will pay out a lump sum to you upon the diagnosis of one of the predetermined critical illnesses your policy covers during the life of your policy term.

FRIDAY FAQ: Which Illnesses Are Covered By Critical Illness Cover?

Every Friday we aim to post an answer to a FAQ about mortgages, tax, investments, money matters, business or retirement. You can have your say too. Send an email with your FAQ to

How the Rising Risk of Diabetes in Men Could Affect Your Finances

June marks Men’s Health Month and the 11th – 17th June marks Men’s Health Week – a time where awareness is generated for health issues that predominantly affect men so they can be vigilant about potential problems and understand the necessary action to take if they are ever diagnosed with an issue. This year’s focus […]

Common Attitudes to Income Protection and Life Cover

Despite the undeniable benefits of protecting your financial position, a survey conducted on behalf of Royal London revealed worrying figures about how respondents viewed the importance of financial protection for their family in the event of their death, or if the principal earner was unable to work.

Protecting Your Finances (and your mental health)

Keep calm and carry on – this slogan, meant to keep up the British public’s morale during time of war, has become a mantra many people still live by. As a result of following this way of life, some people bottle up their thoughts and feelings – often to their own detriment. In fact, up […]

Financial Protection is Vital even if you are “well-off”

Do you know what the impact to your financial situation would be if you were unable to work due to injury, disability, or long-term illness? Shockingly, one million people in the UK have faced this very situation and many found that it was difficult to cope with the sudden reduction in income.

About Critical Illness

Most people are not comfortable thinking about ‘what-if’. Such as, what will we do if one of us becomes too ill to work? Or, what if one of us passes away, how will we cope?

FRIDAY FAQ: Which should I choose, life cover or income protection?

Every Friday we aim to post an answer to a FAQ about mortgages, tax, investments, money matters, business or retirement. You can have your say too. Send an email with your FAQ to

Mental health is affecting doctors and dentists – is your income protected

Being a doctor or a dentist is a rewarding and fulfilling career, but it can also be extremely stressful and challenging. Research carried out by the Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) a specialist service for doctors and dentists that are located in and around the London area, shows that people who work in the medical profession have […]

The big ‘what if’ question

Many couples who decide that they want to have children are waiting until later in life to do so. Some of the reasons around this involve money matters and certainly once you make the decision to be a parent you have greater financial responsibilities. “What if” something happens to the key household earner?

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