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Investing During Retirement

Retirement is something you work towards your whole career. You’ve planned and saved for years, but it’s important you don’t think of your investment portfolio as final, even after you stop bringing in an active income. In fact, with the right investment strategy, you can make your retirement savings last the entirety of your retirement.

Retirement Planning Journey

When you’re first starting your career, retirement is probably the furthest thing from your mind. And throughout your lifetime, other things might take financial priority. But you should ensure you’ve carefully planned for your retirement and are building a robust pension pot, no matter your age.

Pension Tax Relief – Do You Know Your Allowances?

To encourage people to save for retirement, the government will pay tax relief on your pension contributions. Which means that your pension provider can claim tax back from HMRC and then add that amount to every contribution you make.

Tips for Those Retiring this Year

After decades of hard work, is this year finally the year you’re able to retire? If you’re planning to retire before the end of 2021, here are a few tips to make sure you’re ready for life after work.

Should You Give Up Work and Draw Your Pension?

For most people, they count down the days to their retirement. But others, for whatever reason, are deciding to continue working and put off dipping into their retirement savings. What’s brought about this change and should you follow the trend?

All About Pensions

What are your dreams for after you’ve retired? Do you want to travel the world? Acquire new skills or immerse yourself in hobbies? Maybe you want to visit friends abroad. Whatever you’ve set your heart on, a carefully structured pension plan will help you get there.

Who Could Benefit from your NHS Pension Benefits?

For most people, the main draw of the NHS pension scheme is the pension. But the benefits that come with the scheme are not to be forgotten. Valuable benefits are provided to spouses, civil partners, partners, and dependent children in the event of the death of an NHS pension scheme member.

Ready for a Second Bite from your NHS Pension?

If you have never heard of the term “second bite” then you’re not alone. Not many are aware of the additional pension payment you may be eligible for once you receive your NHS pension scheme when you retire. It’s a chance for further income and a tax-free feature that might be paid to you upon […]

Steps to Take to Reduce Your Retirement Age

No matter how much you enjoy your work, it’s impossible not to think about what your life will look like when you retire. If you’re like most of the population, you might even be wondering what it would take to reduce your retirement age and enjoy it sooner. Here are steps you can take to […]

New Rules on Pension Drawdown

One change that may have gone unnoticed during the pandemic is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules on pension drawdown. After a slight delay, as of this month, new rules will apply if you elect pension drawdown without taking advice.

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