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Newly self-employed – what you need to know for tax 

You may have been practising for a while or are newly qualified and have decided that self-employment is the best option for you. If so, you are probably trying to navigate your way through the complex UK tax system. When you become self -employed there are certain things you need to familiarise yourself with. This feature […]

Your Income Protection Insurance May Not Be Enough

Have you reviewed your income protection lately? Specifically, have you reviewed your cover since joining the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme? It is always important to carry out regular reviews of your financial products but even more so in this situation, as you are highly likely to be financially exposed. Here is why…

£1500 Pension Advice Allowance Now Available

In efforts to make financial advice available to everyone, the government have introduced a new initiative, in the form of a £1500 allowance that can be drawn from your pension fund to cover costs relating to professional advice. These withdrawals are tax-free and can be taken in three instalments of £500.

FRIDAY FEATURE: Should You Put Your Practice Property In a Pension?

Tax Planning for Doctors & Dentists This month Michael Lansdell, from Lansdell & Rose Chartered Accountants, talks about how it could be beneficial for you to put your practice property in a pension. It is a complex area of tax planning, that requires specific advice.

Annuity or Drawdown? Which Pension Investment is Best For You?

Pension freedoms have enabled pensioners to feel more in control of their retirement plan, including when they draw their pension savings and how they spend it. This change to legislation meant thousands of people now opt to draw money at age 55, either for reinvestment, to pay-down mortgages or to enjoy a little when they […]

What if You Happen to Live Too Long?

Now there is a strange thought…live too long? Well, when it comes to retirement planning it is a very real question. What if you are basing your retirement plan on the average life expectancy with little to no room for contingency? Even exceeding your expectations by a few years could leave you financially stuck, at […]

People Cash-in Smaller Amounts on their Pensions

Leaving more invested When Pensions reformed in April 2015, pensioners were cashing in on average, £20k. Now, 18 months later, there is a rising number of retirees using the flexible pensions, but they are cashing-in smaller amounts. Was it over-excitement last year at the prospect of available money? Or are people getting wary about their financial future?

How Brexit is expected to affect your finances

Currency, mortgages, house prices, tax, pensions & investments Whether or not you voted Brexit or Remain, the results are in, and it’s “out” – the UK is set to leave the EU. The exact course of how things will unravel is somewhat unclear, however these are considered uncertain times; financially, economically & politically.

A “golden” opportunity for your pension?

Is it wise to invest in gold? This week the Royal Mint announced it will offer the opportunity for investors to own gold bars within their pension funds. Gold has been eligible for investment in SIPP’s since 2014, however this is the first time you can invest Royal Mint gold. Is this a “golden opportunity” […]

3 reasons to continue to grow your pension pot

Over the £1,000,000 threshold As doctors and dentists you are fortunate to be able to use your excess income towards retirement planning, which, if managed correctly, can leave you in a very comfortable position in the years following work. Recent changes to pension legislation means that those with pension pots over £1million will incur extra taxes. […]

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