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News Update: Is UK Wage Inflation a Good Thing or Cause for Concern?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced recently to the BBC that wages were finally on the rise. The Office for National Statistics backs the PM’s claim, stating that annual growth of wages sits between 3.6% and 5.1% from May to July. And the Bank of England (BoE) estimates that in the private sector, pay growth is […]

News Update: Downsizing Delay Shrinking UK Housing Supply

  It comes as no surprise that the pandemic caused plenty of people to shift their priorities for their choice of home. For most, it’s wanting more room and access to outdoor space, but for over 55s, more and more homeowners are opting to stay in their current homes rather than downsize, as many had […]

Job Market Recovery Contributes to Inflation & Worker Shortages

When the pandemic first hit, many workers were forced to stay home as we all had to adhere to lockdown restrictions. Companies nationwide paused hiring as they faced economic uncertainty and many people sought government assistance to stay afloat.

News Update: Healthcare Workers Underpaid and Overworked

While many dedicated doctors and nurses readily put in plenty of overtime during the height of the pandemic, it seems the demand has yet to reduce. Thousands of workers are still being asked to work unpaid overtime and concerns that many NHS staff might leave their jobs are rising, especially in the face of growing […]

News Update: Junior Doctors Excluded from NHS Offer

The British Medical Association negotiated a four year pay deal with the government in 2019 that stated junior doctors would receive a 2% pay rise each year until 2023. However, a recent 3% pay rise agreed to by the Department of Health and Social Care has left 53,000 junior doctors in the lurch. BMA is […]

News Update: Economic Recovery Optimism

As the results of economic recovery efforts start rolling in, the UK government is optimistic about the future. Optimism should remain cautious, though, as the future isn’t certain and the spread of COVID-19 remains a threat.

News Update: Concern Over Child Benefit Tax

After a recent tribunal ruled that HMRC could not pursue a man for back taxes it claimed he owed, they are facing calls to refund thousands of people who paid the tax in similar situations.

News Update: Shifting Priorities Causes Surge in House Prices

Lockdown restrictions meant we’ve spent much more time at home over the last year or so, and the UK’s priorities for what we want in a home have shifted. Housing market experts expect the trend of homebuyers seeking bigger and greener spaces will last well into 2022, which is increasing prices.

News Update: UK Employment Rate on the Rise

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, UK businesses have needed to take on more staff, causing the unemployment rate to fall once again. As of April, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.7%, continuing the trend, albeit a small change at 0.01%.

News Update: Consumers Lose Millions to Online Banking Fraudsters

It seems like not even a worldwide pandemic could deter fraudsters from trying to take advantage of the UK public. Fraud cases, which includes cheque, plastic card and online bank account fraud, surged in the last year (April 2020-March 2021) to 25,717 cases.

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