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Financial Protection is Vital even if you are “well-off”

Do you know what the impact to your financial situation would be if you were unable to work due to injury, disability, or long-term illness? Shockingly, one million people in the UK have faced this very situation and many found that it was difficult to cope with the sudden reduction in income.

Asking for Help with your Financial Planning – Things to Consider

Choosing the right financial adviser is an extremely important decision. It’s difficult to develop and manage a successful investment portfolio on your own, so the best way to stay on top of the dynamic world of investing is to employ an expert financial adviser that you trust implicitly with your fiscal future.

FRIDAY FAQ: What is the role of the Financial Ombudsman?

Every Friday we aim to post an answer to a FAQ about mortgages, tax, investments, money matters, business or retirement. You can have your say too. Send an email with your FAQ to

Make your money work harder for you

It’s likely been drilled into you all your life: you need to save for your future. But with the current economic conditions – low interest rates and rising inflation, the sensible path for a secure future could be a combination of investing and saving. You’ve worked hard for your money, so below we’ll break down […]

Deadline approaching for using your ISA allowance

Savings-savvy doctors and dentists will likely already know about the annual £20,000 Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) allowance every individual has. Plus, that the deadline to contribute the full amount into your ISA is 5 April. They will also know that ISAs have become a fundamental component of financial planning since there are numerous benefits.

13 ways to save tax in 2018

There is no better way to start 2018 than to lower your tax bill and have more money in your pocket. Here are 13 things to consider as a doctor or dentist.

Financial checklist for 2018

If you are a doctor or a dentist working in the NHS you will understand that nothing is ‘constant’. Changes to your contract, role and even location of where you work can happen at short notice and changes to tax legislation are prominent in every tax year.

Do you have a financial plan for 2018? 

The mention of financial planning can make some people’s head spin. They either think it is complicated or unnecessary. However, having a financial plan in place can help you plan a route to achieve your financial goals and build a ‘pool’ of money that can be used to cover any unforeseen expenses. A financial plan can […]

Did your income rise by 14% this year?

Dividends from UK shares are rising at an extraordinary rate. The quarterly ‘UK Dividend Monitor’ report from Capita Asset Services paints a very rosy picture for investors looking for income from UK shares.

What does 2018 have in store for us financially? 

During his Autumn Budget Statement, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond delivered some worrying news. The Office for Budget Responsibility reduced the economic growth forecast for 2017 from 2% to 1.5%. Moving into 2018, it doesn’t look much better. Should we be worried and how can we prepare?

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