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FRIDAY FEATURE: 3 Reasons to Give Your Finances a Health Check Up

Aren’t you always preaching to your patients the importance or regular health checks, and why structured check-ups mean that problem areas can be detected early, and rectified before they become a major concern? The same applies to your finances. Careful monitoring of your finances is essential to ensure you are not only keeping on track, […]

FRIDAY FEATURE: Reducing your Inheritance Tax Bill

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a cost that almost all doctors and dentists are conscious of reducing. It is important, understandably, to want to pass on as much wealth to your family and to not see thousands of pounds disappear to the tax man. There are the traditional ways to reduce your IHT. Here we also […]

FRIDAY FEATURE: Why You Should Be Positive About Your Finances in 2017

Financial news that make the headlines is usually focused on the negative side of the story. Therefore, whilst global governments are under an amount of pressure to find solutions to specific economic issues, there is still a fair few number of things that as a dental or medical professional you can be positive about when it […]

FRIDAY FEATURE: 3 Ways to Get Your Finances on the Right Track

The new year is a great time to focus on breaking old habits and instilling new ones. It may come as a surprise to you, that over the 25 years plus, that I have been in business, doctors and dentists adopt some of the poorest financial habits, despite their relatively lucrative income streams. How can […]

FRIDAY FEATURE: Creating Opportunity Out of Change

A look to the New Year There is no doubt 2016 has been a rollercoaster year for personal finances. Whilst the economy has remained somewhat robust following Brexit, the run-up and the aftermath have left everyone on edge when it comes to making key decisions about their money. In this final feature of the year, Darren […]

FEATURED: Ethical Investing – is it Financially Viable?

Latest Financial & Investment News Are you an investor that would like to know their money is doing some good towards securing a sustainable future? Would you like to be “responsible” in your investment selection? Ethical investing is becoming a popular, viable and profitable option with good returns and reasonable fees.

FEATURED: Take a Step Back to Take Two Steps Forward

Latest Financial & Investment News Having worked with doctors and dentists for over 25 years, I know your free time is short. Subsequently, important financial tasks get sidelined. This month I talk about why  taking a step back, helps you move forward, financially.

FEATURED: Why don’t dentists & doctors focus on retirement planning?

Latest financial and investment news In the, 25+ years I have been helping doctors and dentists with their financial planning, I can’t help but notice their lack of interest in retirement planning. They usually do the basics, however rarely are they actively seeking ways to secure a better, and earlier, retirement. Why is this?

10 life-long financial planning tips

That never go out of fashion Every year, an array of new financial products come to the market, aimed to help you reduce tax, earn more from your investments or to retire with more money under the mattress. On the other hand though, there are the good-old fashioned basics of financial planning, that don’t come and […]

FEATURED: What my client’s are asking about Brexit

Latest financial and investment news In light of the EU Referendum results last week, many of my clients have contacted me to discuss their financial affairs, in the wake of the Brexit win. What are my client’s asking? And what is our broad guidance at this early stage?  

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