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FRIDAY Five: 5 Free Money Tracking Apps

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Staying committed to keeping on top of your finances can be difficult, especially if you find it tough to set aside dedicated time to do so regularly. Luckily, money management is right at your fingertips with these apps.

Here are five free money tracking apps that will help make figuring out finances that much easier.

1. UK Salary Calculator

Moving to a new job or lucky enough to get a promotion or pay rise at your current company? You can easily check how much your new take home salary will be with the UK Salary Calculator app. Simply input as much information about your situation as possible and this handy app will tell you how much will hit your bank account each pay period.

Download from your preferred app-store.

2. Moneydashboard

Most people don’t have all their accounts with one provider; they might have their everyday banking in one place, their mortgage with another, and their credit cards with yet another. This app lets you connect all of your accounts with the major high street banks in one place. It also lets you track your income and outgoing expenses in an easy to view way.

Download from your preferred app-store.


While not the most thrilling app your phone will have the pleasure of running, it’s still an incredibly useful tool to have in your arsenal. The official HMRC app helps you estimate your tax, manage tax credits, access your Help to Save account, and even lets you work out your take-home pay. Well worth the few seconds it will take to download.

Download from your preferred app-store.

4. ClearScore

Tracking your credit score regularly is one of the most highly recommended financial practices. A great credit rating will help you secure flats, get better rates on loans, and lock down a mortgage with no problem. With ClearScore, you have free access to your credit report and score so you can stay on top of this ever-changing number and correct your course should your score start to drop.

Download from your preferred app-store.

5. Stamp duty calculator

When you’re planning to buy a home, you’ll likely have every house hunting app available on your phone to help you with your search. Another useful app to start using is the stamp duty calculator so you can quickly and easily work out how much stamp duty you’ll owe for the property of your dreams.

Download from your preferred app-store.

These apps are just a few of the helpful money management tools available out there, so even if one of these doesn’t fit exactly what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find one that will. Let us know your favourite app that helps you track your finances on the go! Contact us on social media:


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