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Life Insurance for Over 50s

It’s never too late to ensure your family is taken care of after you pass. If you’re unsure what options will be available to you if you choose to take out a policy later in life, there’s no need. Over 50s life insurance policies might just be the thing you’re looking for. Read more »

Affordable Life Insurance

The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 highlighted the importance of wealth protection policies, namely Life Insurance – for many people it sparked an increased interest in obtaining coverage.  The financial strain caused by the pandemic might mean you need to figure out your priorities, but it’s important to remember that you can find coverage for any price point. You can’t really afford not to be prepared.
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News Update: Eviction Rules are Changing

The temporary ban on evictions that was introduced during the pandemic came to an end on 31 May, with new rules from 1 June. What does this mean for landlords and tenants?
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MORTGAGE MONDAY: Latest Mortgage Rates

Here is a round up of this week’s mortgage rates for doctors and dentists, to help you save money on your monthly mortgage payments. Read more »

How Much Mortgage Can You Afford?

If you’ve made the decision to start house hunting, one of the first things you’ll need to do is determine how much of a mortgage you can afford. It might seem like it’s hard to work out the amount you can borrow, and it’s true that it might vary from lender to lender, but in general they all take the same factors into consideration when determining how much they’ll lend.
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News Update – Inflation, COVID Variants and More Disrupt Recovery

Don’t start celebrating wide-scale economic recovery just yet. As COVID-19 continues to rise in some parts of the world, the threat of variants and resurgences, and various economic factors threaten a permanent return to economic prosperity any time soon.
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Limited Companies – How to Invest your Company Profits

If you own a limited company and you have money in your business account not earning any interest, think about investing those funds. If your money isn’t earning interest, then taking inflation into account, in a few years’ time you could actually have less money because cash will lose its purchasing power. Find out how to invest your limited company profits and grow your wealth instead.
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MORTGAGE MONDAY: Latest Mortgage Rates

Here is a round up of this week’s mortgage rates for doctors and dentists, to help you save money on your monthly mortgage payments. Read more »

The Truth About Pensions

Whether you’re approaching retirement age, or just beginning your retirement planning journey, it’s important you feel confident that your pension is going to finance your future plans and provide the lifestyle you want once you stop working. Read more »

Diversified Savings – Stocks and Shares ISAs

Individual Savings Accounts are a great way to help you save money and tax. For the 2021/22 tax year, you can contribute up to £20,000 across the different types of ISAs. While many people fall back on the standard Cash ISAs, don’t forget that you should treat your savings plan the same as your investment portfolio. Think about branching out with a Stocks and Shares ISA.

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